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Rodent Basic Training


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Rodent Basic Training

Restraint of the Rodent

Lifting Rodent

  • Lift Rodent by base of tail to move animal quickly to table top or another cage.
  • If tail is grasped near the tip, the skin of the tail can be easily torn off the tail, leaving exposed spine. This is referred to as "degloving."

Tail Hold

  • Lift near base of tail, no further distally than midpoint.
  • Lifting by tail tip will result in injury to skin.
  • If rodent tries to climb and bite, gently and slowly turn tail, rotating the animal to keep it off balance.
  • Transfer to desired location.

Tail Hold with Hand Support

  • Lift near base of tail using thumb and forefinger.
  • Support body with other hand or on sleeve and transfer it to desired location.
  • Scruff only if doing other examination procedures.
  • Scruffing is not necessary for transfer to another cage.

Restraining technique

  • Restrain by grasping skin between its ears and along its back
  • Hold tail between 4th and 5th fingers against palm of hand
  • The rodent can turn around and bite if insufficient skin is held

Cautions for restraint

  • Observe the animal's breathing pattern
  • The rodent can suffocate if the skin is held too tightly over its neck

Use of Restraining Device

  • The rodent can be placed in a small commercial restraining device that is designed for its species.
  • A rat or a mouse can be kept in the restrainer long enough for tail vein intravenous injections.
  • Seek assistance from Animal Care training coordinator if unsure how to use restraining device.

Additional Information on Restraint of Rodents

University of Rochester Medical Center: http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/ucar/manual/handle.htm

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